Violan – the new generation of felt: herbal and ecological

More and more industries are keen to replace limited materials by renewable resources; a continually increasing number of people is aware of the importance that sustainability, ecology and environmental friendliness have for our global world.

This awareness was the signal for us to create Violan. Violan is a purely herbal material made from fast growing renewable resources, sustainably procured and finished in Germany in environmentally friendly processes that are in accordance with latest technical standards.

The quality of Violan is equal to that of a fine wool felt, and indeed it looks and feels like wool felt, but it is totally free from constituents of animal origin – ideal for vegans and persons with an intolerance against animal hair. It is biologically degradable and absolutely non-toxic – there’s definitely no need to be afraid if your baby decides to try chewing your placemats or coasters!

Although they definitely look better on your furniture …

Care Instructions:

Please treat Violan products like textiles made from wool or similarly fine materials.

Violan is machine-washable at 30 °C. Please wash with similar colours, use the wool cycle and a mild detergent. Don’t let the products spin but spread them out for drying.

Don’t bleach, and don’t remove stains with aggressive chemicals but mild detergents.

Please iron Violan at low heat, setting the iron to “wool”. – If you follow these simple instructions you will enjoy our Violan products for a very long time.