About us

100% felt – that’s been our issue for more than 30 years.

At Metz Textil & Design GmbH pure Merino wool felt stands side by side with herbal Violan. It goes for both product lines that they are of superb quality We produce and finish our products in Germany. We care with all we do about the  environment and the sustainability of our products.

Our aims is to achieve an esthetic, ecologic and fair-play balance in our products. Therefore is vitally important for us that the wool for our felt is taken from well treated sheep. And Violan ofcourse originates from fast growing renewable resources.

These principles and a vivid spirit of innovation are the key to our success.

We thank all our friends and partners who came along with us all this time and who helped so effectively to make our ideas come true. This is the fundament for a our future, where we promise to stand by our motto

“Nature comes first”