Wool Felt

100% Merino-Wool Felt

Already in the distant past humans knew how to use wool for making felt. Countless days later we are still fond of this natural product with its many beautiful facets.

Metz Textil & Design GmbH offers pure Merino wool felt of superb quality. It is of vital importance for us that the wool for this felt is taken from sheep which are in good health, grow up in their natural environment and are shorn gently and carefully, avoiding any injuries.

This attitude certainly has ethical reasons, but the well-being of the animals is also important for the superior quality of our felt: like human hair will shine when a person is at good heath, wool taken from happy sheep will make a very special felt.

Care Instructions:

Please treat our Merino wool felt products like other textiles made from wool or similarly fine materials.

Wool Felt should be hand-washed in lukewarm water; please don’t squeeze but spread them out for drying.

Use a mild detergent and don’t bleach, please also don’t remove stains with aggressive chemicals but mild detergents.

Please iron felt items at low heat, setting the iron to “wool”. – If you follow these simple instructions you will enjoy our Merino wool products for a very long time.